If you think it would be more suitable for you to live in an environment that enables you to maintain your independence while receiving light assistance with services, Retirement Living may be the right choice.

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Retirement homes are privately operated without government funding. As a resident of a retirement home, you pay for the accommodations and services that you choose.

Retirement Living may be the right choice for you if:

  • You are independent but need some support.
  • You would like your own room or suite.
  • You would like services such as laundry, home-cooked meals, assistance with medication, bathing.
  • You enjoy an active social life, hobbies, or other independent activities.
  • Living in a safe and secure environment that can accommodate varying levels of physical mobility and changing care needs.
  • Enjoying privacy while knowing someone is aware of your well-being.

Anyone can apply to live in retirement home (you do not have to go through CCAC or any other government agency) but the home may assess your medical needs to ensure that they can provide the support level required. At PLTC, we can help you decide if retirement living is right for you. For more information, search for a home nearest to you.

Life in our Retirement Community

a3fcded91f2f05b9401cb4f06d570063Life in our retirement community will depend on your preferences, budget and care needs. However, you can expect certain attributes to be present. Most importantly, you can expect to be safe, comfortable and a respected member of our community.

  • Your suite or room is your private space, where you have the ability to come and go as you please.
  • Weekly housekeeping and laundry will be provided.
  • Like any other home, you can bring your own furniture and belongings and host guests.
  • There will be common areas available for your use and enjoyment.
  • Some of our homes offer a lounge, garden or sunroom.

These are great areas where you can get to know your neighbours. Your ability to participate in social and recreational activities is much easier when they are taking place in our home.


  • There may be a walking club, fitness activities, special guests or lectures, movie nights, holiday events, game nights, gardening clubs, cooking sessions and many more varied activities.
  • Our homes will have a Retirement Home Manager who is happy to hear ideas from residents.
  • Meals will be served in a central dining room. The menu will be rotated regularly so you shouldn’t get bored. Light refreshments will be available between meals.
  • When you go for a tour, stay for a meal to get an idea of the type of food available.

There is no one way to define what it is like to live in a retirement home. However you can expect safety and comfort and, unlike other senior housing options, the ability to choose where you live based on your preferences, wants and needs.

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