Our commitment to accessible service

Provincial Long Term Care Inc. recognizes our commitment to all people, regardless of their ability. That’s why, with our original site design in 2011, we created our website to meet or exceed all accessible web standards outlined by the AODA using the WCAG as our guide.

As outlined in the Act, a website should use easy to understand language and support assisted rendering technologies like screen readers. In short, websites should offer:

  • Clear, easy to understand language.
  • Easy to read text, taking into consideration a higher contrast of colours and providing time to read all content.
  • Images with descriptive text, often called ‘alt’ tags.
  • Keyboard navigation.
  • Availability of a site map to enhance users ability to navigate a site without barriers.
  • Captioning of video.

Font and Image Resizing

All browsers support increasing text and image size with a simple keyboard command. Try it!

To increase font and image size,
press CTRL and +.

To decrease size, press CTRL and –.

Where possible, we’ve installed a widget like the one at the top of the page that also increases font size.

Furthermore, we paid close attention to colour contrast and legibility.

Constant Evolution

In 2014 we’ll be enhancing our web experience even further beyond the scope of AODA to include responsive design for tablet and mobile devices.